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 Mystery photos by Peter Hodder, probably taken in 1952. Why are they in groups of four? Why did he use three different locations?


L to R: Stewart Burgess, Bruce Aves, ???, Brian Baynes




L to R: ???, Norman Howes, David Onwood, ???


L to R: Vic Dolden, John Dyke, Terry Luxford, Martin Page







From the excellent Mark Robson collection. More playground antics. Late 1970s.

Another mystery photo. Almost certainly taken in summer 1960. Who is he? A suggestion from Mike Scott (1955) that this Roger Gerrish (1955)

Steve Church, Andy Ratnage, Nick Abbott on a school trip to (?) Germany 1970. Photo by John Robins

Another art room scene from Graham Prentice. Preparing for a play. Date and subjects unknown, maybe late 1970s. Any offers?

 Building the Swimming Pool 1960. From Jeff Harvey.



Deck hockey during the Devonia cruise 1964. This is one that wasn't included as part of John Smith's excellent account of the trip published in OB News, Nov 2006.


Another from Steve Newberry's excellent set of music photos c 1964. This could be Mick Cross but I'm not certain.


Bernard Butler writes: I wonder if the teacher is Helen Cleave? She was a peripatetic who taught me cello at the school. She sold me (my father) her cello and bow when she decided to buy new ones, and many years later I sold them for nearly £2,000 at Bonham's!



One of a remarkable collection taken at the Coronation Fair in 1953 by Peter Hodder. A selection was published in OB News, May 2008. Eventually I shall post more, either on the web or in the magazine.

Another from the excellent collection by Mark Robson taken in the late 70s.



 It is a little known fact that the M11 was actually built by boys from BHCHS. This photo from Graham Prentice proves it. Probably taken around 1975. If anyone wants me to send a large version in the hope of identifying any of the subjects please ask.

FAS deep in thought. Photo taken by Graham Forbes in 1965.

School trip to Wales about 1978. Photo by Nigel Pink. Another potential caption candidate that didn't quite make selection.


The guy in the "all in one" is Richard Graham (according to Simon Jackson!)



TRUMPET LESSON ABOUT 1964. CAN YOU IDENTIFY ANYONE HERE? Thanks to Chris Hammond for identifying Colonel Albert Jakeway, who was apparently a renowned musician from the Salvation Army. At the introductory lesson, pupils were required to place their fingers on the colonel's lips, to feel his embouchure!

Steve Swann suggests the player on the right is Chris Justice and Pete Murch suggests that the one on the left is Ian Macdonald.

This photo never quite made it for the caption competition that was running in OB News! Photo was submitted by Colin Overy and probably taken in 1957. Thanks to John Hudd for telling me that the member of staff is Mr Buckley (science 1947-57) and also for owning up to be the villain in the drama. This was apparently an introduction to photography, in which the task was to come up with an action shot.

BIKERS FROM THE LATE 70s. PHOTO BY MARK ROBSON. More from Mark's superb collection were published in OB News, May 2007 in his feature entitled Part Time Punks.


From 2nd left: Ian Wiggins, Nigel Wilson, Robert King, Glenn Holman. Thanks to Chris Gollin for finally confirming the date, thanks to the full size painting of the 316 Ferrari!


COOKS IN SCHOOL KITCHEN c1960 PHOTO BY DICK GREENING. This was taken shortly before the Dining Hall was refurbished.


GYMNASIUM 1938. This photo is from the brochure published when the school opened. The rest of the brochure, containing several photos of a pristine new school, will be uploaded eventually.

John Pardey (1954), who supplied the photo, believes it was taken by Brian Macefield (1947) and we have now identified it as a trip to Scandinavia in 1951.  John obtained the photo from his cousin, who is the widow of Brian.

Thanks to all those who contributed to the identification!

Back row:  Michael King, Brian Penhallow , Derek Hayes, Michael Arnold, Malcolm Menzies 

Front row:  Anthony Phillips,  Roger ("Gaffer") Pearman, Taylor, PJ Smith , Anthony Bambridge, Peter Langley,  Ian Cathcart

In Front: Trevor Lebentz

Chris Jones (1970-77) PHOTO BY GRAHAM PRENTICE (ART, 1970-85)






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