Panoramas 1960s

Panoramic photos from the 1960s

Thanks to David Sewell we now have a numbered version of the 1963 panoramic photo and you can see this by clicking on the links below.  If you spot anyone you recognise email Graham Frankel with the number and name. Before sending the information it is worth checking the name/numbers grid to see who has been identified so far. Click HERE to see the latest names/numbers grid.

1963 Part One     1963 Part Two     1963 Part Three     1963 Part Four     1963 Part Five     1963 Part Six

Having now almost completed the naming of the 1963 photo, I can reveal the startling information that the most common surname in the school then was Jones.  There were ten of them.  In second place, Smith (7) and third place Taylor (6).


The 1969 photo has also been numbered. You can download the numbered versions by clicking on the file names shown below. These files are quite large and may take some time to download depending on your connection speed:

1969 Part One        1969 Part Two        1969 Part Three        1969 Part Four       1969 Part Five

Click HERE to see the names grid. You will need to enlarge the PDF after downloading it.  If you recognise others in the photo (or wish to correct any) please email Graham Frankel.

Thanks to Mike Walker (#367) for his efforts in numbering this photo.



 Here are all the photos from the 1960s.........

1963 Part 1

1963 Part 2

1963 Part 3

1963 Part 4

1963 Part 5

1963 Part 6


1969 Part 1

1969 Part 2

1969 Part 3

1969 Part 4

1969 Part 5


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