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The prospect of adding full captions to these photos is something of a challenge, but we have made a start!

Alan Cruchley (1938) has prompted us to attempt naming all those in the first panoramic photo (taken in the summer term, 1943). He has also devised a simple method of numbering.  We are grateful to Alan and many of the pupils who were at BHCHS in 1943 for their help with this. You can download the named files using the links below. If you can help fill in any of the blank names please contact Graham Frankel.

1943 Part One  1943 Part Two  1943 Part Three  1943 Part Four  1943 Part Five

Next step is to move on to the later panoramics. We are going to need some help with this. Firstly, we need someone who has the patience to organise the long photo (using either photo-editing or DTP software) and allocate numbered boxes to everyone in the photo.  Contact Graham Frankel if you think you may be interested.

We are also under way with the 1947 photo.  Click on the link below and if you can recognise anyone email the names and numbers. Click HERE to download the update and let me know if you can add any names (or correct any). Latest update for 1947 photo was 25/4/13 (thanks to George Kirman for the latest updates!)

IF YOU CAN IDENTIFY ANY OF THE PEOPLE IN THE 1943 OR 1947 PHOTOS please click on the links above to see the numbered versions - you may be able to help us complete the naming of names!


1943 Part 1


1943 Part 2

1943 Part 3

1943 Part 4

1943 Part 5


1947 Part 1

1947 Part 2

1947 Part 3

1947 Part 4

1947 Part 5










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