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Welcome to the web site of Buckhurst Hill County High School. The site was established in 1999, ten years after the school closed. Two former pupils of Buckhurst Hill County High (BHCHS) - who didn’t know each other and had not attended the school in the same decade - independently decided to undertake a project to preserve the spirit of the school that had given them, and thousands of others, an excellent start in life.

Nick McEwen (a pupil from 1976-82) decided to establish a web site to collect photos, get back in contact with others from his year, and provide a means for former pupils to chat on-line about schooldays. Graham Frankel (a pupil from 1961-69) had a rather more eccentric idea. He decided to trace all former pupils (and former teachers) and publish newsletters.

In the autumn of 1999 the project began. Within a year, we had the beginning of what has developed into an outstanding network, with participants all over the world.

In 2001, Pete Berrecloth (BHCHS 1976-81) took over the webmaster role and brought in many technical innovations. We are very grateful to Pete for his patience in running the web site for many years.

The BHCHS network continues to flourish. Graham Frankel continued tracing pupils and teachers. Ten years after starting the search well over 4,000 had been found, representing more than 90% of many year groups. This is not a typical former pupils association. We recognise that reunions are not everyone's cup of tea. While the existence of the network enables reunions of larger or smaller groups, many members are mainly interested in any news relating to the pupils and teachers from their own era.

Subscribing to Old Buckwellians News allows members to maintain the link in whatever way suits them best. There have been many surprising benefits arising from shared interests, regardless of when a person attended BHCHS either as a pupil or teacher. To find out more about this, please take a look around this site, and contact Graham Frankel for any further information. Needless to say, if you are a former pupil or teacher and are not yet on the "found" list (see the Database section) we would be delighted to hear from you.

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If you want to check on specific names or year groups see our Database.

Subscribers to Old Buckwellians News are automatically members of the Old Buckwellians Association. Contact one of the team to learn more about this, and you can also download our constitution for more information.

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All of the content on this site has been researched and provided by past pupils of Buckhurst Hill County High School. We are always interested in adding to this resource and ensuring the accuracy of the information on the site, so if you have further details regarding information on this page please click here.

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