Climbing high for charity

Neil Driver (1973) will be taking on a huge challenge in March. With a group of friends he is going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. Neil writes......

Sometimes we just get in involved in things and wonder why! Well, in March 2011 I will be climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with a group of 5 friends and I’m beginning to wonder why I agreed to join in as it’s getting very close now!

Well, it’s really for 2 reasons. Firstly to achieve a massive physical and mental challenge, the likes of which I have stayed clear of before but more importantly to raise money for charity. And it’s the charity reason you are receiving this letter from me.

The trip costs are totally funded by me and so 100% of the donations received will go to charity. I have 2 pages set up on and so please give generously as I am trying to raise £3,000.

As for me, I will have to…..Trek for 6 days, deal with 5 major eco-zone climates, sleep under canvas for 5 nights, climb Africa’s highest mountain (actually its 3 extinct volcanoes), walk at altitude of 5,864meters (19,340 feet), suffer 50% oxygen levels, deal with the possibilities of severe altitude sickness including bad headaches, insomnia and lost appetite, sleep and trek in temperatures lower than -15 Celsius, put in loads of time for pre-trip training, injections, gathering of clothes, equipment and not to mention having to leave for the trip on my wedding anniversary (sorry Lorraine!).

We are in hard economic times at the moment but please, please, please do find some money for giving to one of my charities. Just visit and follow the easy steps. As you can see, I will be pushing myself to physical and mental extremes, so please do similarly in financial terms with your donation.

Should you not be able to donate on line, please call me on 020 8477 0044 and I will happily accept a cheque.

Thanking you so much in advance for your generous donation.



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