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Our 2011 AGM was held on Thursday 10th March at our old school. Once again, we were very grateful to Mr Toor the Headmaster of GGSK for allowing us to use the school, and we presented him with an OBA tie.

Attendance at the AGM exceeded all recent years. It was wonderful to have so many there, and especially to have representation from all decades of the school’s existence.  I believe this is pretty much a unique happening in the life of the OBA – at the senior end of the spectrum we had Des Slade, John Gilbert and Sherwin Hall who arrived at BHCHS in its second year, and at the junior end Christian Clark was at the school just one year before it closed.

Full attendance list:

1939 John Gilbert   1952 Jeff Harvey   1962 Alan Haine   1970 Nick Mott
1939 Sherwin Hall   1955 Roger Dell   1962 Brian Hughes   1971 Luke Argent
1939 Des Slade   ------ Dee Dell (Woodford CHS)   1962 Chris Kay   1971 Mike Moran
1947 Dennis Carney   1956 Clive Hales   1962 Chris Moody   1983 Christian Clark
1949 Peter De Nayer   1958 Martin Gorham   1962 Pete Murch      
1950 George Bedding   1961 Graham Frankel   1969 Eddie Barnes      
1950 Mike Hare   1962 Richard Battersby   1969 Rob Lane      
1951 Brian Hancock   1962 Pete Brewster   1970 Neil Carpenter      

Chairman Richard Battersby ran the meeting with his customary skill, making sure we dealt with the formalities while keeping the tone entirely informal. The star of the show was undoubtedly Peter Sharp, our treasurer, who presented the essential financial information with commendable clarity, brevity and most impressive slide animations!

A further account of the meeting will be published in the autumn edition of Old Buckwellians News, but you can download our full Financial Report for 2010 HERE.


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