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Football at BHCHS 1974-89. I am looking for help with a research project for a future series of features in Old Buckwellians News.I need to find records of football matches played between BHCHS and other schools during the period 1974-1989. In earlier years this information was published regularly in the school magazines. You will be accustomed to my regular moan about the fact that the school magazine was not published after 1973. However, I hope the information may be lurking in a loft somewhere, and that you may be able to help.I would be happy to receive information in whatever form is most convenient for you to send it. I don’t particularly need hard copies. Email or phone will be fine.
Music in the 1940s. I would like to produce a feature covering musical events at BHCHS in the early years. A reader has pointed out that while we have had extensive features about drama and sport, the musical life of the school in those days has been neglected.  If anyone would like to contribute memories, or even better write a feature, please contact me.
Roding Magazines. From time to time I receive requests for copies, and offers of copies. While I do have at least one copy of every edition published, my office doesn't have the capacity to store multiple copies.  However, we could use this notice board if you would like to get hold of specific editions or have any that you don't need.

Can you help me find an accountant?  One of the people we have not yet traced is MICHAEL J ARNOLD (BHCHS 1946-51 ). I was told that he worked in one of the big accountancy firms in London but my informant didn't know which one.  He will almost certainly be retired now but if anyone has got access to the register of Chartered Accountants they may be able to help me.  I may only need to know which of the big firms he worked at.

Missing Archives.  Is there anyone who could help me fill in some gaps in the school's history?  I have a complete record from 1938 until 1973, which was the last year in which a school magazine was published.  Beyond 1973, the history is contained in reports that were given by Hugh Colgate to the parents during his annual "At Home" meetings. However, I do not have anything for the following years:

1973/74 (probably would be in an At Home report in December 1974)

1984 and beyond.  I don't know whether the annual meetings continued beyond Hugh Colgate's retirement in 1985.

I suspect that there may be information lying in attics somewhere!



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